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JASON FAULKNER | 1st Assistant Director

Jason Faulkner – 1st Assistant Director


Jason Faulkner has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, having worked as an Assistant Director on numerous film productions, television dramas, music clips and T.V.C’s around the world. Jason has been fundamentally involved in the logistics and the planning of films shot in major foreign cities such as Prague, Rome, Shanghai, Beijing, Fiji, New Zealand, Denpasar, Bangkok and Hong Kong.


Jason has worked alongside names such as Hugh Jackman & Guy Pearce ‘The Man from Snowy River’, Gregory Peck & Patrick Stewart  ‘Moby Dick’,  Edward Norton & Naomi Watts ‘The Painted Veil’,  Keifer Sutherland & Nastassja Kinski ‘Paradise Found’, Mila Jovavich  ‘Ultra Violet’ and Eric Banner  ‘Chopper’ just to name a few.


Furthermore, for the best part of 10 years, Jason has divided his time between film commitments working as Producer/Director of Cristina Re Designs Production House. It is this combination of unique management and leadership skills gained over the years, combined with creative vision, which makes Jason an asset to any film production team, great or small.


Please make contact if you wish Jason’s assistance in creating a schedule document from your script. This working document will not only map out the most cost effective way to film, but each scene is broken down of what is required to make that scene work. A cross plot of all categories is created, such as cast & extras work dates, props, makeup & costume breakdowns, anything that you require is of importance tracked and measured. Not only will this schedule document assist with forecasting your budget needs, but more importantly, allow you to approach and obtain government funding if need be.


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Photography – Own 5d and 6d Canon Camera

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