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JASON FAULKNER | 1st Assistant Director

Big Mamma’s Boy

Valarc Films - 2011

Feature Film

1st Assistant Director


Franco Di Chiero




Big Mamma’s Boy follows the story of Rocco (Frank Lotito) as he struggles to choose between the love of his life, Katie (Holly Valance), and his doting, over protective Italian mother (Carmelina Di Gugliemo). Rocco has it all: a great job in real estate, a hot car and a woman who will do anything for him and loves him unconditionally - his mum. But when he meets the gorgeous Katie, Rocco realises that he needs to make some changes. Enlisting the help of his zany neighbour Mrs. Cotoletta, Rocco attempts to counteract his image as a big mamma's boy, and to discover the key to Katie's heart.